What happens if I contact you?

You can ring me, text me or email to get in contact with me.  Which ever method you use I will use the same to contact you back and will try to respond as quickly as I can, usually the same day. 

I do not have a set process that I follow because some people want to talk to me on the phone first and others want to make an appointment and meet me face-to-face.  I would encourage you to trust your instincts about me and consider how I respond to you on the phone or in my messages.  If you are comfortable with the way I respond to you then I might be a good person to work with.  A relationship with a counsellor is no different to any other relationship in that sometimes you like people and sometimes you do not.  Research consistently shows that the relationship is one of the most important factors in successful therapy.

Which ever way you contact me, if you are willing, I will generally encourage a meeting face-to-face at the Magnolia Centre in Sherwood where I work. 

At the initial meeting we would discuss where you are at and what support you are looking for and you can decide if I am someone you want talk to about the issues which have brought you here.  It will also provide an opportunity for me to ensure that I can support you with the issue.

If we agree to work together we will agree a regular time to meet (often, but not always, this is weekly), how long to see each other for, and the specific problem you want to focus on.  Whilst also considering and agreeing a pace of working which suits you. 

Do you know about MY problem?

I have many years experience working with all kinds of people with many different problems.  Some areas which I have particular expertise in are:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Addiction problems including alcohol and substance mis-use.  I have a particular expertise in supporting people with gambling addiction or those affected by it.
  • Carers – I have experience in supporting people who care for others such as parents or relatives with mental or physical health problems.
  • Shame, feelings or worthlessness.

Have you been vetted?  Can I trust you?

I am registered with the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy (UKCP) which requires me to adhere to codes of ethics for my conduct.  I have undertaken training to master level in order to register with the.

How much do you charge?

I charge £55 for a full hour consultation from the first session and accept cheque, cash or payment by bank transfer.